About The Project

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The development of the investment potential by identifying the appropriate investment areas in our province is the end of the inventory study that I believe will guide all those who want to invest in Giresun.

Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (DOKA) programme of technical assistance and who are eligible to receive support from our Governor, conducted by the Bureau for External Relations and the European Union, “Giresun Land Investment E-inventory” within the scope of the project named www.giresunyatirim.gov.tr the internet site has been prepared and presented to investors and interested parties.

With the new incentive system being the 5th region of our province; We have made it a goal to benefit from the incentives of General Incentive Practices, Regional Incentive Practices and Large Scale Investments and to provide maximum benefit. Also Ordu – Giresun Airport with the presence of businessmen and Arab investors to become more attractive for investments in tourism in our region lately, including domestic and foreign investors and to attract these days when we start working, we work, we serve as an accurate and up-to-date resource inventory land where once again the importance of has increased.

As a result of the inventory studies coming out of the project, we will reveal the items suitable for investing and present it to the investors who will come to our province. We are working with our politicians, mayors, administrators and civil society representatives to serve Giresun. As a result of all these efforts, you will see the difference, change and development in our city.


Within this project our city and our county inventory of work prepared by the local governments (The National Estate, The Village Legal Entities, Municipalities, Special Administration, Unions and Affiliated Companies) with real estate owned property belonging to the Treasury, pasture and forest quality in non-coastal edge line and outside any institution assigned to the remaining non-real estate information collected on these plots were examined in detail with descriptive information about the land and the structure of the terrain, positioning, illustrated, slope, access to water and electricity, highway, county, and distance from the city center, Ordu – Giresun Airport, Giresun Port and TrabzonAirport, this information can be seen on google maps with the distance to the airport.

The project team consists of representatives of the European Union and Foreign Relations Bureau within the Governor’s office. The project legal representative Keşap District Governor V. Rasim Belge, the project coordinator Ali YILMAZ.

The project’s business and operations in the provincial Directorate of Provincial Directorate of Land Registry, provincial tax, County Authorities, provincial and sub-provincial special administrations, Directorates, County property, District Land Offices, provincial and district municipality, neighborhood and village This paper reviews the legal entities in the framework of constant coordination and cooperation.